Gyotaku Art  

The art of Gyotaku is a delicate and everchanging art form. The potential to create something beautiful and different increases with each new design. Every rubbing is unique. The setup can change in a variety of ways. We can use a broad range of prints or inks and the printing stock can vary from the gentlest rice paper to a much firmer canvas.

The basic method remains relatively simple and unchanged from its origins. Apply paint or ink to the actual fish or sea creature and lay the paper or canvas on top of it. Then rub over the entire specimen and gently peel the paper off to have a look at your new creation.

The art form is a wonderful way to stay close to the ocean and appreciate the beauty and variety of marine life. Also, it is said that Gyotaku brings good luck to the fisherman.

Gyotaku (fish rubbing) originated in Japan in the mid 1800s. It was a technique fishermen used to preserve records of their catches. As time evolved, people found the prints to be visually pleasing.