About Fishaye Trading Co.

John Doherty is a “Fisherman Artist” out of Harwich, Cape Cod who loves catching and cooking fish to share with family and friends.

One day in 2008, John was removing the day’s catch from his boat and one of the fish left an imprint on the deck that caught his eye. Struck by the raw beauty, he thought to himself, “I wonder if I can replicate that with paint?” And so began Fishaye Trading Company...

As a charter captain I get out fishing a lot, mainly in saltwater. I find faith, passion, adventure, satisfaction, wonder and often solitude. My artwork is a combination of my love for fishing, marine life and creativity. I have found that being outside and on the ocean, our planet and our oceans need our attention. It can start small. Recycle, use less, stick with what works but innovate. 

As a company, we are taking steps to be aware of our resources and be as friendly to our environment as we can be. All biodegradable packaging, for example. We are not perfect. I run an efficient diesel engine on my 1977 Fortier, for one. Just saying there is so much beauty outside. We should protect it. 

I look forward to creating new unique pieces.

Come see us in our shop/gallery on Cape Cod:
211 Route 28 , West Harwich MA 02478

"We need to blur the distinction between work and play and family."  
Patagonia founder, Yvon Chouinard 

Where to Buy

Of course right here on the website .  Come visit our gallery on Cape Cod !
211 route 28
West harwich, ma 02478

You will also see Fishaye art and products at many fine boutiques and shops in the US